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The UK is one of the most nature-depleted countries in the world – a staggering 41% of native species have declined since the 1970s. We desperately need to bring back the biodiversity that we’ve lost. That’s what I’m hoping to do with rewilding.eco!

The first phase is to earn £100,000 so I can buy 10 hectares of land. I’ve written a blog post which covers the inspiration and objectives of this rewilding project in more detail. 

Funding our rewilding project

The land for this rewilding project is going to cost well over £1,000,000. The final figure will most likely be double that amount. In order to make that much money, I’m creating a range of jams, preserves and chutneys using plant species native to the UK. 

At least 50p from each jar sold will be set aside for buying land. Please visit our blog for the latest updates on how much we’ve raised so far.


My long-term goal for this rewilding project is to create a 100-hectare nature reserve and introduce many different keystone species to maximise biodiversity. Then I’ll focus on creating as many wildlife corridors as I can. You can read more about my vision here (coming soon).


Habitat fragmentation – when a large area of habitat is broken up into smaller, disconnected habitats

Keystone species – an organism (ranging from animals to plants, fungi and bacteria) that has a major positive impact on a particular ecosystem 

Rewilding – a hands-off approach to conservation, helping nature to rebuild and restore biodiverse ecosystems

Wildlife corridors – a natural area of land (forests, meadows, etc) which connect different habitats across a landscape

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The National History Museum and Gov.UK. All blog posts contain relevant links, however it looked a bit messy on the homepage so I decided to put them here instead.

It really boils down to two reasons – firstly, there’s a lot of legislation involved with running a charity and I didn’t fancy the extra headache. Secondly, an integral aspect of the plan is for the land to generate income so that the profits can be put back into buying more land. Morally it doesn’t feel right to accept donations and then profit from it – land, after all, is an appreciating asset – so ultimately, I decided against it.

There are a few things that I’ll always appreciate – following us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram as well as signing up to the newsletter. If you know anyone that you think would like what I’m trying to do – please tell them about this project! 

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