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Our rewilding pilot programme will now be 5 hectares

In an unsurprising turn of events, I once again find myself adjusting my plans for this rewilding project. My original intention was to buy 1 hectare of land for a rewilding pilot programme, however I’m now looking at a minimum of 5 hectares. The main reason is that to qualify …

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My long-term vision for this rewilding project

If I had to put a number on it, I’d say I find myself thinking about fields at least 3 times per day. Now, I don’t mean any old field – far from it. The image I conjure up in my mind has sweeping meadows of green flecked with vibrant …

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rewilding.eco hedgerow jam first batch

Pivoting into hedgerow jam

A short update to the previous blog post introducing my idea to find sponsors for our rewilding project: it didn’t work. Or to give it a more positive spin: it hasn’t worked yet. While completely sound on paper, on reflection this approach was a little… premature. The main problem I …

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An introduction to rewilding.eco

This rewilding project is ambitious. No doubt about it. I wanted the very first blogpost to provide some context in terms of how it started, the current status and most importantly – where it’s headed. If you’re planning on skimming through, here’s the short version: I want to buy some …

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